Android's default messaging apps are probably used by a minority small enough to fit on a palm of a regular sized human hand. In most cases you either pick up Whats App or Facebook Messenger both owned by Facebook, mind you and only open up Messages, or whatever it's called, when absolutely necessary. Apple has managed to capture many, perhaps even most, i Phone users with their i Message.

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In many cases you can't just walk in to a store and get your preferred model off the shelf. Nvidia acknowledges, reports Polygon, that GPUs are few and far in between, which is obviously because demand has overtaken supply.

The reason seems to be the cryptocurrency boom that really took off last year.

You can download the VLC from here: VLC for Windows, 32-bit VLC for Windows, 64-bit A few days earlier Nvidia released their quarterly reports which happened to be a fairly nice read to those who've invested in the company.

Revenue was up to a new record, $2.91 billion, and everything seems rosy.

Many popular websites have already transitioned to HTTPS, and that includes After, but even on the top 100 websites 19 do not support HTTPS yet.

Google tightening the noose around HTTP is bound to bring that closer to 100, and of course increase the overall HTTPS penetration, which currently stands at 68% on Windows and Android and 78% on Mac and Chrome OS.

Currently Chrome does not inform the user about non-secure websites unless they click the information button next to the URL.

When users browse secure websites with HTTPS connection they are already notified that the connection is secure on the address bar.

However, the most important new feature is probably support for Google's media device Chromecast.

People have been long requesting the feature to, what for many is, the ultimate media player.

It is no surprise then that Google is about to take another step securing the entire web.